Lviv Polytechnic will cooperate with the University of Naples for the development of education and science

During 2023, Lviv Polytechnic was preparing to sign an agreement with the Polytechnic and Basic Sciences School of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, regarding the future cooperation of the Department of Finance and other departments of the Institute of Economics and Management with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Italian university.

With the support of the Professor Nataliya Chukhray, Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations, Orest Vasylko, Head of the Leonardo da Vinci Center for Italian-Ukrainian Cooperation, Professor Nataliia Hots, Head of the Center for International Education, Professor Oleh Kuzmin, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, Professor Nataliia Stanasiuk, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, Professor Mariia Bondarchuk, Head of the Department of Finance, Associate Professors Andriana Mazur and Marta Lyvdar there were held online meetings with the Italian side regarding the signing of relevant documents.

The cooperation agreement provides for:

  • trips of teaching staff;
  • exchange of students, postgraduate students, teachers, scientists, and other staff;
  • joint organization of conferences, round tables, seminars, training programs, science meetings;
  • exchange of scientific publications, scientific and educational literature; development of joint scientific projects;
  • joint development and development of programs and training cycles that will be useful for both parties.

Lviv Polytechnicians are sincerely grateful to the Italian partners, in particular to Professor Nicola Bianco, the Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering, and to Professor Corrado Lo Storto for their interest in our scientific research and educational activities at various levels of training!

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